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Hey friends, I have ignore this site for years (as most of you know).  I created it originally to learn how to develop code and apps, along with online marketing and learning Google web master and analytic tools for my business.  I decide it was way past time for an update using all the cool new toys and functions that are out there today so I took the old site down.   My music player along with all my band's albums over the years, photos, games I have designed, screensavers, wall papers, midi practice files and tabs for bass and guitar, and my blog  (for family and friends only), and some fun free downloads are coming back soon. I will include all the oldies but goodies since I still get ask for them from time to time including my bass lessons and tabs both on video and in pdf.  It is going to be a work in progress but hope to have it flushed out by the end of July (2014) if I can keep my other commitments up to date.


Some fun, new and cool things and a few that might be interesting (if you are in our circle)  are coming soon.  Sure you will like them. If you are just checking this page out and have no clue who I am - well  it probably won't seem like much fun to you. :) But you are welcome to browser and download. All the work here is original and my own. I never infringe on copyrights, patents, or designs. So feel free to enjoy but please no commercial uses.  More soon! God Bless.


p.s. Hey the items listed above in the image are not links - I started working on a tag line and don't have one yet. Just some words to jog my thinking.


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Here is the first Crossfield Album for now Recorded at Castle Records in 2006 . Eleven of our original songs.  I will get the others up when I can and also my Christian bands studio albums and some of our videos. Maybe some Dizzy Band too.  Yeah I know only my kids listen to them :)




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